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Warren Nunes was quite a character, a colorful personality, an incredibily gifted jazz guitarist and teacher. One of those people that once they come into your life, especially if you're a musician, change it forever. I had been playing guitar for 30 years before I met Warren. I had seen his books, heard about him, but never pursued it. Until one day... I just had a feeling that I really should go check this guy out. My intuition was right on, because if I hadn't made the contact when I did, I would have missed one of the best jazz guitar teachers I had ever met.

My emphasis early on had been classical guitar, and I had been having an illicit affair with jazz guitar for a long time. I had discovered what I called the Nashville system of fingerboard integration, which was used by Hank Garland, and Tal Farlow and I was putting it together into a system. Well, after I met Warren he provided the missing pieces, and gave me the overview that I needed to pull it all together.

Warren certainly had all the theory about playing jazz guitar, but he could be rather overwhelming. Now here I was a professional guitarist for all this time and it was overwhelming to me, I can only imagine how it must have been to someone just starting out. Lucky for me I was able to make sense out of what he was telling me, and take it to the next level. I found the key to unlock the secrets of the fingerboard.

Unfortunately, Warren's life ended tragically. . . too soon.

I'm very sad to report the untimely death of one of the bay area's more remarkable jazz guitarists, Warren Nunes. Warren was a very well respected teacher and jazz player. I had a chance to study with him, and I found his materials and books quite useful. After playing the clubs for thirty years, he devoted himself to teaching, and had many professional players as students.

Warren Nunes was best known as a Jazz Guitar instructor. He wrote several jazz guitar and solo arrangement books.

He was a great fisherman. He would catch the boat limits when he would deep-sea fish when people would get seasick. He loved to hunt and loved going hunting and fishing with his son Merlin.

He was a great father who showed his children strength and discipline and how to learn from their mistakes and taught this with undying love. He was honest. He had incredible humor. He was unselfish when it came to sharing his knowledge.

Honesty was an important thing to him along with trust. He was a great man but was very humble and unmaterialistic. He told many people “I’ll teach you how to fish but I won’t fish for you”. He related his musical prowess to God. That’s why he never found the end of his musical abilities because God is endless…He was always for the Underdog in any walk of life.

He gave so much of himself to his students, and was a great inspiration... He could be tough, but always had an encouraging word. I'm sure he will be sorely missed by his students, and those that knew him . . . I know I will do what I can to keep the flame of his teachings alive. If you are one of Warren's students, I would love to hear from you.

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